Blowing Up the Raid

World of Warcraft screenshots, with occasional commentary.

About this site

The author

I’m an ex-computer scientist, on-and-off humanities scholar, quasi-professional jazz pianist, and completely unhyphenated rogue on Azuremyst (US-Alliance). I started this site to keep my WoW content separate from my arts and literature blog, where it didn’t really belong. Ergo, if I’m not posting here, I am probably writing better stuff somewhere else (or so one hopes).

Although my playtime log may suggest otherwise, WoW is far from my lifestyle or even my favourite game—I’m a Nintendo and Civilization bloke with a background in tournament Scrabble. Most of my time in Azeroth is spent taking screenshots of conflict zones and playing the Auction House. Occasionally, I raid. I would rather do all these things in real life, but they are easier and less risky from behind a computer screen.

The screenshots

I started collecting screenshots sometime in 2009 to entertain my raiding guild. As such, most of my back catalogue is from WotLK-era raids and a spot of alt levelling in the yet-to-be-shattered Azeroth. The shots that appear on this site are unaltered, apart from a bit of cropping every now and then. I post them at reduced resolutions, but I do have them sitting around at resolutions up to 1440×900; high-res copies for desktops and postcards are available upon request.

My graphics settings aren’t terribly high, as I’m reluctant to overheat my aging MacBook Pro. Ideally, I would prefer it if my shadows didn’t come out as blobs.


Written by Nicholas

23 Nov 2010 at 4:07am